USB Digital Book™ - All the benefits of a print book & digital book combined in 1

Here's why many readers love the USB Digital Book™:

  • Ownership - Maybe you didn’t realize this, but you never really own an ebook or many of the other digital books. You are only renting them permanently. A digital library owns the book, doesn’t charge late fees, and then reclaims it whenever you die (or whenever you forget the password on your device). If you transition to a new device, or a new account, you are liable to lose some of the books you purchased because they aren’t transferable to that format, or to that brand, or to that device. With USB Digital Book™, you have real genuine ownership to go along with your personalization.
  • USB Digital Books™ Are More Portable Than Print Books - Print books, especially hardbound editions, can be very heavy, while all USB Digital Books™ are designed to be small and lightweight. It is much easier to carry an USB Digital Book™ on an airplane or on the train than to bring a physical book or two. If you finish an USB Digital Book™ you are reading while traveling, it is much easier to plug in a new one and keep reading.
  • Tradeable - USB Digital Books™ are tradeable. You can gift them to friends. You can pass out copies of books you’ve read and don’t want anymore. You can donate them to charity. Ebooks and other digital books are stuck in your device and can’t be recirculated into the community, the economy, or the rest of the world.
  • No Wi-Fi Needed - USB Digital Book™ work fine without a WiFi password, and no one in a foreign country can hack your book and steal whatever you wrote in your book. They’d have to steal your book, and that’s just not that likely.
  • No Phone Signal Needed - Your E-Reader may still allow you to download a book without a WiFi signal, if you at least have a cell phone signal. But if you don’t have that either, well, your E-Reader will disappoint you worse than a Veggie-burger. A trusty USB Digital Book™ will not disappoint.
  • Focus - Ebooks are designed to distract you with links and “helps.” USB Digital Books™ are designed for focus.
  • USB Digital Books™ are More Environmentally Friendly than Print Books - It may seem strange to think than an electronic device could have less of an impact on the environment than traditional books, but USB Digital Books™ take fewer resources to create than a modest number of books. Manufacturing one Kindle produces as much CO2 as producing 30 print books. Most avid readers will offset this figure in less than a year by switching to USB Digital Books™. While paper can be recycled, the paper recycling process itself can cause excess environmental pollution because of the sludge that is produced during the de-inking process.
  • Emotional Connection - Related to the deep reading, the physicality of USB Digital Book™ invites a physical person-to-object relation, lending more “realness” to the characters and stories. The effect is that books enable emotional connectivity where ebooks do not.
  • Personalization - USB Digital Books™ can be personalized in a way that ebooks cannot. You can draw pictures, add book-covers, create flip-books in the bottom corner, or scrawl XOXOXO and arrow-hearts around the author’s picture. You can’t do this with ebooks.
  • USB Digital Books™ can be Read in the Dark - Because your phone, tablet, or laptop are backlit, you don’t need to have an external light source to read USB Digital Books™. You can read USB Digital Books™ in the dark or in low-light situations anywhere.  This allows you to read USB Digital Books™ in many more situations than you can traditional print books.
Smart USB Bible - Audio and Digital Bible
Smart USB Bible - Audio and Digital Bible
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