Blog by Roger Singh

New Tradeshow Badge with Touchless Contact
New tradeshow badge from TVM.Bio® will help in opening up during COVID pandemic with contactless touch and digital brochures.
04.21.21 11:06 AM - Comment(s)
Create the Safest Work Environment w/ Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge
The Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge or sometimes called Smart COVID-19 ID Card developed by TVM.Bio is a modern piece of technology that can help you track your employees’ health, especially with the help of The COVID-19 Personal Infectious Level Chart.
06.13.20 02:12 PM - Comment(s)
COVID-19: The Ultimate Challenge for Electronic Health Record Systems
The Smart USB EMR Card is the solution for Coronavirus aka COVID-19 crashing the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at hospitals either from no internet, cyber hacking, or am overloading system.
03.18.20 11:23 AM - Comment(s)
Covid-19 Will Be the Ultimate Stress Test for Electronic Health Record Systems
America's electronic health record systems aren’t ready for Covid-19 better known as the Corona Virus, but the Smart USB Medical Records Card by TVM.Bio® might be the answer.
03.14.20 11:16 AM - Comment(s)
SXSW Cancelled by Coronavirus but No Insurance Coverage
Event organizers confirmed that SXSW does not have any type of insurance that covers the cancellation of SXSW because of the Coronavirus. What to do with NFC and RFID Smart USB Badges for SXSW.
03.10.20 09:53 AM - Comment(s)
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