A Digital Bible and Audio Bible: The First of Its Kind with Smart USB Card

06.12.19 01:44 PM Comment(s) By Roger Singh

A Digital Bible and Audio Bible: The First of Its Kind with Smart USB Card

The Bible is an important book for many people all over the world. It’s something that people regularly carry with them wherever they travel. However, the Bible in print form is quite daunting to carry. The hardcover editions are quite heavy and even the smaller, more compact editions are not easy to carry. Digital Bibles exist, but they are either in digital ebook form or audio form. Even then, the former needs an ebook reader device while the latter requires you to place a large audio file in your music player of mobile phone. Now, with Smart USB Cards bound to become the future of media consumption, you can get the best out of the Bible with the ​Smart USB Bible™.

What is the Smart USB Bible

The Smart USB Bible offers you the chance to experience the Holy Bible wherever you are and at any time without the use of the internet. It’s a ​digital Bible and ​audio Bible that utilizes Smart USB Card technology to store the Bible in both book and audio form, with the ability of being played on a number of different devices. 

The Smart USB Holy Bible™ is actually a USB Digital Book™. A USB Digital Book™ is a device that utilizes Smart USB Cards to store books and display them in ebook form on any device that can be connected with the USB Digital Book™. This brings you a number of different benefits that include:

  Complete ownership of your book. You’re not lending it or borrowing it.

  It is way more portable than physical books. You can take it around with you and use it anywhere.

  Offers you books that will never break or tear away. Unlike physical books, your ​USB Digital Book™ will not get worn out with age. 

  There is no internet needed. Once you store the book onto the USB Digital Book™, you can read it anytime and anywhere.

  Since there’s no paper used here, the USB Digital Book™ is far more environment friendly than physical books.

The Smart USB Holy Bible™ is thus the best way of carrying the Bible with you. It’s not just fit for travelling, but also your daily life. In minimal space, you will be able to keep the Holy Bible with you at all times. More than that, it brings you options you can explore since it is both a digital and an audio Bible. The Smart USB Holy Bible™ will become your favorite choice of listening or reading the Bible in no time. 

The book version of the digital Holy Bible is stored in epub format, allowing it to be used on most ebook reading devices. The audio version is stored in standard mp3, which also allows extensive access. You can play the Smart USB Holy Bible™ using a simple PC, a Mac, a car stereo (USB), a Smart TV, Android devices (with adapter), and tablets (USB). 

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