COVID-19: The Ultimate Challenge for Electronic Health Record Systems

03.18.20 11:23 AM Comment(s) By Roger Singh

COVID-19: The Ultimate Challenge for Electronic Health Record Systems

Let’s ask ourselves this question - ‘How well-prepared America’s Electronic Medical Record systems are for the Corona outbreak?’


As the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 brings the world to its knees, cyber threats related to Covid-19 have increased, aiming at health systems in the country.


In this post, we are going to discuss how things are at the moment and how smart solutions like the Smart USB EMR Card™ can bring the situation under control. Let’s cut to the chase and get started.

The Problem We Face


The health systems we have in the country have failed time and time again,especially when we needed it the most. It happened when a force as strong as hurricane Katrina hit and also happens sometime on an average Sunday afternoon!


Disaster planning experts know how bad the situation is. The preexisting weaknesses in our systems tend to become worse at times of crisis. For instance, the WannaCry cyber attack which destroyed the UK’s national health service or which just happened recently with hackers attacking the Health and Human Services Computer System.


Our health care systems are built on outdated infrastructure and have vulnerabilities that, at the time of crisis, become a haven for hackers around the world. Not just that, the way most modern electronic health record systems are built today in our country, it’s no surprise that medical professionals take such a long time to figure out a patient’s issues, let alone the time taken to provide him or her with an effective solution.


The reason why it takes so long is that all the information about the patient has been distributed among various attributes which masks the system’s vulnerabilities. It is near impossible to reassemble the patient’s data quickly which might cause a huge problem if the patient runs the risk for Covid-19.


Why We Need Rapid Updates


Simple answer: To stay safe from the Covid-19 cyber threats.


The cyber threats are only going to get more complicated and will have unknown variables that can make our systems bleed in times of emergencies (also during the one we are going to hit in a few weeks).


To deal with Covid-19, our health care systems will need to install simple EHR systems that can upgrade quickly and aren’t expensive like the ones we have at the hospitals. The system is incompetent when it comes to fighting new symptoms and risk factors that will evolve as coronavirus outbreak spreads all over the world.


Also, the present health record system is only capable of handling dozens of patients. What will happen when it will need to scale to hundreds or even thousands?


What we are moving towards is a complete EMR system crash if the coronavirus situation goes out of hand.


How Smart Solutions like Smart USB EMR Cards™ Can Help?


We need solutions that can quickly fix the vulnerabilities of our existing health care systems. This is why we highly recommend smart solutions like the Smart USB EMR Card™ by TVM.Bio® that allows medical professionals to have access to medical information on the go.


Such smart solutions are geared towards solving all kinds of medical emergencies as they have enough room to put all important details like patient contacts, medical plan info, present prescriptions, blood type, personal information and more.


The Smart USB EMR Card™ has built-in NFC so that any mobile device can be used to read your medical file in case of emergency. This is quick and way better than dealing with a paper card.


It is also better than the present health care systems which are Internet-dependent. Given the cyber threats revolving around coronavirus outbreak, such smart solutions will be the last resort in case our systems quit functioning or suddenly crash.


We highly recommend giving smart solutions like the Smart USB EMR Card™ an opportunity to cope with the present coronavirus situation as it can be the best testing ground for such solutions.

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Roger Singh

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