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Instructions for All Smart USB Card Products

You can find instructions for all Smart USB Card products here: 

Blank / Customized Smart USB Cards, Smart USB Greeting Cards, Smart USB Holy Bible, or Smart USB Medical Card


Image 1 - How to open and insert any Smart USB Card

Image 1 - How to open and insert any Smart USB Card

Loading Content Instructions - Blank / Customized Smart USB Cards & Smart USB Greeting Cards

Your Blank / Customized Smart USB Card or Smart USB Greeting Card will most likely need content (videos, pictures, music, etc.) before being presented as a gift to a family or friend. 

  1. Remove clear band from gift box. MAKE SURE NOT TO THROW AWAY!
  2. Remove the Smart USB Card from the gift box.
  3. Open the dongle door - See Image 1 at top of page.
  4. When looking into your personal computer, laptop, or tablet USB port you will notice a piece of plastic and an opening. 
  5. You must insert your Smart USB Card into the opening with the gold connectors facing the piece of plastic. 
                                                                  6. Once you insert the dongle into your computer, your Smart USB Card will show up as a                                                                          drive, most likely as D:, E:, or F:
                                                                  7a. You may now copy and paste or click and drag any file from your personal computer to                                                                            the drive where your Smart USB Card is located AND/OR
                                                                  7b. You can record a personal video if your device has a webcam, video apps, or software.
                                                                  8. Follow your devices instructions for removing hard ware devices (can also be called USB                                                                        devices or mass storage devices) before unplugging your Smart USB Card. 
                                                                  9. Use a permanent marker to write name and/or message on body of the Smart USB Card. 
                                                                  10. Insert your Smart USB Card back into gift box.
                                                                  11. Replace the clear band onto the gift box and present to family, friend, or loved one!
Programming NFC Instructions - Blank / Customized Smart USB Cards & Smart USB Greeting Cards
Programming NFC for Smart USB Cards

All Smart USB Cards come with NFC (Near Field Communication) built into the body of the card.  Your Smart USB Card will come temporarily pre-programmed to take you to this instruction page. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RE-WRITE OVER THIS LINK! The NFC can be programmed in minutes with a smart phone with built in NFC capabilities including many Android and Apple phones (please check your phone's manual for capabilities).  *This is an additional option to customize your Smart USB Card and does not effect your loaded content from above. 

  1. Please check the manual for your phone to turn on your NFC settings.  Your phone NFC settings will most likely be found in your phone settings.
  2. Visit your app store and download any app that has "NFC Writer".
  3. Depending on the app, you should be able to program any of the following features: Business Card, Link/URL, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Email, Telephone Number, Geo Location, Launch an Application, Plain Text, or SMS.
  4. For more detailed instructions with pictures for Android phones, you can visit:
  5. For Apple we recommend you download this app: For more detailed instructions for Apple phones, you can visit:
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