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Smart USB Badge™ - NFC & RFID Built in for Trade Shows, Live Events, & Music Concerts

Smart USB Badge™ for trade shows, live events, and music concerts
Smart USB Badge™ for trade shows, live events, or music concerts.

Our Smart USB Badge™ brings the together the power of live time analytics and wearable technology to trade shows, live events, and music concerts.  We are the only company in the world that manufactures a Smart USB Badge™ that allows pamphlets, brochures, manuals, marketing materials, websites, etc. to be safely stored on a patented drive that hangs around attendee's necks. No more expensive printed material that ends up in the trash after an event!

Wearable technology that every event needs! With built in NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), the Smart USB Badge™ can:

provide live analytics, track attendees on the floor, exchange profile data between attendee and exhibitor in live time, interact with kiosks to engage with attendee's, and much much more!    

USB Music Card™ Power Point Presentation - Concerts, Tours, Festivals, & Live Events
Trade Show Registration Plus™ Software
Trade Show Registration Software

Trade Show Registration Plus™ - The Most Powerful Registration Software has Partnered With Smart USB Card™

The complete answer for trade shows, live events, and music concerts.  Online registration couldn't be any easier with Trade Show Registration Plus™ software.  

  • Live analytics
  • Accept online payments
  • Lead retrieval
  • SSL encryption
  • Mobile Portal
  • Onsite services 

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