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The USB Music Card™ - Music Industry Replacement for the Compact Disc

To make it in the music industry you must sell physical music.  Having your merchandise go home with a fan will not only spread the word about you, but create income with the highest profit margin.  

Each USB Music Card™ comes with:

* Custom full color back and front

* 20 mm thick custom lanyard w/ phone loop 

* Shrink wrap USB Music Card™ plastic case

CD's are no longer relevant in the music industry.  Who even has a CD player anymore?  As of 2018, cars sold in the US will NOT have a CD player, but they will have an USB plug to play music...perfect for the 

USB Music Card™!!!

Built in TVM.Bio® Analytics - Patent Pending Technology

As a musician, you need to know when and where your music is being played and sold. USB Music Cards™ has partnered with TVM.Bio to provide you the smartest merchandise on the planet with our patent pending technology! This is the only merch product that you can sell that will give you LIVE TIME ANALYTICS! Know when (day, month, year) and where (City, State, Country) your fans are listening to your music. These analytics will help you decide if you need more concerts or live performances in certain parts of the country. Win over corporate sponsors by showing them who and where your demographics are.

Test run our software for FREE by CLICKING HERE!

Quote on Custom USB Music Cards™

The Next Step of Music Evolution Formats Is Here!

USB Music Cards™ is trusted as the go to format for the music industry

Replacement for the compact disc
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