•     Smart USB Cards™

                                       "​Only The Smart Survive"®
    a digital multi-medium for the replacement of the compact disc which can contain
    pictures, videos, music, and/or other important files for distribution. 
    NFC (Near Field Communication) & RFID (Radio Frequency-identification)  Capable
    TVM.Bio® Inc. is the only manufacturer of the Smart USB Card™ in the world  & it is
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  • Only The Smart Survive®

    Smart USB Cards™

    The only replacement for the compact disc that will help you share pictures, movies, & videos with analytical and tracking capabilities.
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  • Only The Smart Survive®

              Smart USB Cards™

                                         - protect your data / information / media                                                              - expand your company's brand                                                                                    - affordable answer to customer giveaways                                                                         

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Smart USB Card - USB Credit Card, Credit Card USB, Custom USB Card, Custom USB Drive

No Matter What Your Project - The Smart USB Card™ is the Answer

The Smart USB Card™ is the only replacement for the compact disc.  So no matter what your industry is: music, movies, publishing, live events, medical, etc. we can provide you with a solution.  Our patent pending technology can provide you with live time analytics to show where and when clients, customers, or fans are engaging with your Smart USB Products!

Every Smart USB Card™ comes with a state-of-the-art shock proof USB drive, lanyard, NFC Chip, and is neatly packaged in a patented jewel case. Made in the USA, TVM.Bio® is the only manufacturer and distributor of the Smart USB Card™. 

Why Choose TVM.Bio® with Your Company's Reputation
Trusted TVM.Bio® Brand

Trusted TVM.Bio® Brand

If it does not say TVM.Bio® on your Smart USB Card™ then, DON'T BUY IT!!! We are the only manufacturer with patented rights and our card is made in the USA. Older outdated versions may be referred to as USB credit card, custom USB card, USB business card CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!!!

Only Smart USB Card™ w/ Built in NFC

Built in NFC

The only Smart USB Card™ with built in NFC (Near Field Communication). Using only the most advanced technology, your Smart USB Card™ can programmed to do any of the following features: be a Business Card, Link to URL, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Email, Telephone Number, Geo Location, Launch an Application, Plain Text, or SMS.

Patented Jewel Case For Card and Lanyard

Patented Jewel Case

Our patented jewel case makes for easy distribution. The Smart USB Card™ along with the lanyard fits perfectly within our customized jewel case. So whether you are distributing to stores or selling merchandise to customers, we have the only solution for increasing sales and distribution. 

Why Do They Call Us Smart? - Features No One Else Can Offer

Our patent pending Smart USB Card™ has built in Near Field Communication (NFC) & Radio Frequency-identification (RFID) technology to help you monitor, engage, & communicate with you customers.   

NFC Ready


RFID Capable


QR Code Ready

QR Code

USB Compatible



Smartlinks Provide Live Time Analytics

Combine Your Smart USB Card™ with - TVM.Bio® Live Time Analytics

Take your business to a hold new level with TVM.Bio®'s Smartlinks! Your music album, movie, book, software, or merchandise which is stored on the Smart USB Card™ can provide you with powerful analytical information to help you increase sales. Physical merchandise on a whole new level that will help you gain sponsors, acquire new customers, engage with fans, and a whole lot more!

No Matter What's Your Industry - You Can Trust Us!!!

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Store or sell music on USB Music Card

Music →

The replacement for the compact disc w/ videos & pics. The music industry uses the USB Music Card™ for all their physical needs including EP's and LP's.

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USB Digital Book or Audio and Digital Bible called Smart USB Bible

Books →

Don't lose book sales. Publishing companies see an increase in physical sales when using the USB Digital Book™. Check out our Smart USB Bible™ to see all the features.

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Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge aka Smart COVID-19 Employee ID Card with NFC and RFID and HIPAA Compliant

Corporate / Medical →

The 1st ever Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge / Employee ID Card has built in NFC & RFID and can be password protected to allow storing of medical files or COVID-19 test results that is HIPAA, OSHA, EEOC, and ADA compliant.

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Digital Greeting Card called Smart USB Greeting Card

Smart USB Greeting Cards™ →

Capture the moment and share the memories w/ video for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, baby announcements, Valentine's Day, Christmas, & Hanukkah.

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USB Music Card USB Movie Card
USB Digital Book Smart USB Badge
Smart COVID-19 Employee Badge / Employee ID Card and Smart USB Wedding Card
Smart USB Greeting Cards Celebration of Life Card
Store or sell movies on Smart USB Movie Card

← Movies

DVD's & Blu-ray player sales are declining and smart TV's are in 45% of American households. Increase movie sales w/ 1080p, 2K, UHD, 4K, & 8K definition with an USB Movie Card™

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USB Trade Show Badge with NFC or RFID called Smart Badge

← Trade Shows / Concerts 

The only affordable trade show badge / concert pass in the industry w/ RFID & NFC technology. Increase engagement and boost attendance w/ the Smart USB Badge™. 

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Digital Wedding Card and Digital Wedding Invitations called Smart USB Wedding Card and Smart USB Wedding Invitations


Share those special wedding memories w/ friends & family. Allow wedding attendees to create, capture, & share the special occasion with you and others. A great gift away - Smart USB Wedding Card™ and Smart USB Wedding Invitations™

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Digital Eulogy called Celebration of Life Card

Celebration of Life Card™

After the loss of a friend or loved one, families come together to share the memories and stories of the departed. Share those captured pics, vids, & audio that are essential to the healing process and never let them fade away.

Learn More
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There's Only 1 Manufacturer of the Smart USB Card­™

Only USB Manufacturer in Tampa Florida
Headquarters of TVM.Bio Inc.

Certified & Compliant

ISO 9001 Certified & HIPAA Compliant

Made In USA

Trust us with your company's reputation.

USB Drive Manufacturer and Distributor Tampa Florida
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