Smart USB Greeting Cards: The Revolution in the Greeting Cards Industry

06.03.19 05:59 PM Comment(s) By Roger Singh

Smart USB Greeting Cards: The Revolution in the Greeting Cards Industry

The greeting card industry has been adopting technology to keep up with the times. Watch out Hallmark, what was once supposed to fade away into obscurity due to the advent of social media and messaging applications. However, the industry has recently been considering adopting technology, changing itself to join the new trends. And now, with TVM.Bio®’s launch of its new Smart USB Greeting Cards technology, the industry is bound to see a revolution unlike anything it could have expected. 

What is the Smart USB Greeting Card?

The Smart USB greeting card is the very first digital greeting card in the world. Developed by TVM.Bio®, this technology’s unique and revolutionary because it keeps it simple. It fulfills the functions that you traditionally expect from greeting cards (relaying a message), However, the method has been modernized and, subsequently, revolutionized.

For the first time ever, you can now share video messages in your greeting cards. These digital greeting cards allow you to deliver your greetings and messages in the modern way, through moving pictures. You can record yourself saying something or have some cool animation accompanying your words. Either way, what you are bound to get is an interactive message that will be fun to make and fun to watch too!

It’s not just videos that you can share with these electronic greeting cards. Instead, you can relay your messages using video, photos, or even by sharing your favorite music playlist. You just need to load it onto your ​Smart USB Greeting Card and let it do the magic. The result? The perfect greeting card for all special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, baby showers, graduations, and much more. Your Smart USB Greeting Card is bound to become your greeting card choice. 

The Smart USB Greeting Cards you can purchase include:

  Smart USB Digital Baby Shower Card / Smart USB Digital Baby Shower Invitations

  Smart USB Digital Birthday Card

  Smart USB Digital Graduation Card

  Smart USB Digital Christmas Card

  Smart USB Digital Hanukkah Card

  Smart USB Digital Valentine’s Day Card

How Does the Smart USB Greeting Card Work? 

While it may be the first digital greeting card, the Smart USB is designed to work in all sorts of environments and provide perfect service. It can work with PCs, MACs, Smart TVs, Android Phones, and tablets. Just plug the card into a USB port and play it. Furthermore, the Smart USB Greeting Card comes with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. The NFC allows anyone to touch their smartphone or device to the card, which then automatically takes them to the social media post or URL that was loaded onto the card.

You can get the first ever electronic ​digital greeting card in a gift box with a ribbon and window, along with a USB drive, an NFC chip, and a decorative lanyard that comes with a detachable phone loop. It’s the perfect gift, allowing you to customize your greeting messages with ease. Get the Smart USB Greeting Card and experience the fun of using the first ever purely digital greeting card. 

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